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For my first delivery, I had invested in the Nutrilite Amway Postnatal set, but I decided not to get it this time due to the cost and the fact that I won’t have the time to finish all the things in there. The set was really good but it did cost over RM300 and there were things that can only be used if I was relaxing throughout my confinement and not having to take care of a baby 24 hours a day. So this time I searched high and low in forums and read lots of reviews before I decided on this set.

Jamu Set Bersalin Afiat is pretty budget at only RM79. I bought it at this site plus delivery is RM89. Well, I have yet to use the set of course, will write a complete review after this but from the package that I received, I am quite happy with the stuffs they pack in there, nearly all will be useful to me.

Cara Guna Jamu Bersalin Warisan Afiat (How to use the Jamu Bersalin Warisan Afiat) :

Dimakan selepas bersalin, 4 biji pagi, 4 biji petang dan 4 biji malam. Untuk membantu kaum ibu menyihatkan badan dan menambahkan tenaga.

1. Bedak Hangat (Hot powder)
Untuk disapu seluruh badan selepas mandi bertujuan untuk memanaskan badan selepas mandi. (This powder will be rubbed all over the body after a bath to heat up the body. Is it just yellow powder and used like talcum powder)

2. Minyak Afiat (Afiat Oil)
Untuk digunakan semasa mengurut kerana ia menyegarkan urat. (This is a massage oil that can be massaged all over especially on the tummy to heat up the body and used together with binder)

3. Balm Afiat
Untuk disapu pada bayi untuk mempercepatkan proses pengeringan tali pusat. (This oil which is green and looks like Vicks is to be used on baby’s tummy and for the healing process of the umbilical cord)

4. Akar Kayu (Roots)
Untuk direbus 20 hari selepas bersalin, diminum 2 kali sehari, untuk merangsang tenaga dan menguatkan badan. (This is for drinking and used 20 days after delivery, to be boiled in water and drank twice a day to replenish the body’s energy and strength)

5. Barut Berubat (Medicated binder)
Untuk membantu mengempiskan perut. (This green piece of cloth with herbs inside is to be wrapped around the tummy and then fastened with your own binder, it works to slim down the waist)

6. Pil Makjun Bawang Putih (Garlic pills)
Dimakan selepas habis pantang, 2 biji pagi dan 2 biji malam.
Untuk menambahkan tenaga, melancarkan perjalanan darah dan mengecutkan tisu vagina. (These garlic pills are to be taken day and night 2 times each, and to be taken only after the confinement period. I guess after 44 days, though my confinement is only 28 days. It is supposed to help replenish the energy, improve blood circulation and tighten vaginal tissues)

7. Feminine Care
campuran herba beraroma bertindak membersihkan bahagian sulit wanita.
memberi perlindungan dan mengurangkan kegatalan. (This important gel is to clease where else, where the baby came out. It’s very important to clean it often after all the tears and stitches to avoid any bacterial infection)

8. Gel Mandian Serai Wangi (Lemongrass Bath Gel)
Diadun dengan aroma terapi Serai Wangi untuk menyegarkan kulit badan dan khasiatnya sama seperti mandi lulur. (This is a Lemongrass bathgel just to freshen the body and skin and for overall cleanliness)

After getting this set, I realise I am missing a couple of things. I do not have the herbs for bath that I used like last time, that can be boiled with hot water and bathed with. So I searched some more and found the Rempah Mandi Jamu Mak Dara. I found it cheapest at this site and ordered one immediately at only RM18 + RM5. The Rempah Mandi is important to get rid of wind, to heat up the body, to get rid of dead skin cells, and to avoid wind from getting into the body. Well it’s cheap and enough to use a whole month. It’s easy to use as well, it’s to be boiled with 3 cups of water over your stove, just use a handful. If you keep the herbs it can be reused after it’s dried for the next bath.

Since I do not have a binder like is found in most postnatal sets, I decided to get my own modern binders. I got the Bidou binders from ThebabyLoft here, it’s a buy 1 free 1 deal so now I have two. Actually I still have my old traditional binder from the Amway set, but it is really hard to use. You will need someone else to tie it for you so it’s not convenient at all. And then since I am very kiasu, I saw another binder that I thought was cool and got it as well. It’s a Far Infra Red type, China looking product that uses zips so as the body change, you can use a smaller setting. I got it at Mybabycomel and it cost RM25 only. It has a very thick material so it’s sure to make one sweat. It claimed to be usable over your own modern binder, that means 2 layers.

So now do I use the binder just like that? Of course, I need to use it with some kind of gel right. Most people I know use Ginger cream, just saw that Cosway have this. But I didn’t get that as I got this other 2 products earlier.

SPA Lite Body Shaping Shower Salt

SPA Lite Body Shaping Gel

One is to be used during the shower, and one to be rubbed on unwanted flabby areas after. What’s good about the cream is it doesn’t need to be massaged to work and it only need to be used once a day. For someone busy like me, there’s definitely no time to massage on any cream. Sometimes there’s no time to put on any lotion, hence the dry skin. However, I’ve never found slimming gels to work so let’s see how this one fare.

That’s it, all the products I got for my Postnatal use! Lots of things isn’t it?

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