The Best Pan Mee Ever!

First, let me say that I am not a Big Fan of Pan Mee. We don’t have such things as Pan Mee back in Sarawak, so naturally, I have to stay loyal to only Kolomee. That is not until I tasted this Pan Mee. And that was when it was just a small stall in Pasar Kajang along the smelly river. This Pan Mee tastes heavenly amidst the smelliness. It was actually next to the ever famous Chu Cheong Fan stall, I think the guys are brothers. Anyways, one day, the shop closed! I heard rumours here and there that it has moved to Sg Chua. A few times we went around Sg Chua looking for it, to no avail. The old shop had no name, how are we supposed to find it?

Then last weekend, we went to Sg Chua for dinner and so happened my eyes caught this sign board.

The photo of the Pan Mee looked like the long lost Pan Mee that tasted heavenly, no other Pan Mee will put egg inside like that. However, I cannot confirm it coz it was night and the shop was closed.

So today, feeling like Marshal going around looking for his special burger in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, we venture out to Sg Chua to taste this Pan Mee. Is it really the one?

The place looked really different, it was kind of classy comparatively. There are now proper tables and chairs and it was very spacious. Previously, there were only like 3 tables.

I was quite hopeful, as I thought I spotted the boss in the kitchen. But the kitchen was a closed area, so I couldn’t go in and really make sure. We just ordered the Pan Mee anyways, and there are so many choices this time. They now have Chilli Pan Mee, Traditional Pan Mee, Loh Mee, Mee Suah etc. They even have those side dishes like Wan Tan, Dumpling etc. I was not interested in any of those! So I hastily ordered the Dry Traditional Pan Mee.

And then it came.

And it looked so … simple. There is no egg in it as I expected. Oh well, I was so hungry I started eating. And lo and behold, this is it! It is that Pan Mee I had missed and longed for! But where is the egg? It seemed that they decided to remove that from the menu and only offer egg with the Chili Pan Mee. Why? Who knows…

Anyways, I am just so lightened and relieved that this cafe isn’t going anywhere for now. Even though we have to battle the crazy Sg Chua drivers to get here, it will be most worth it. Plus, they have some crazy chili sauce, sooooo good you won’t believe it. Oh, they are even on Facebook.

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