Jusco Baby Room

Baby rooms are facilities in shopping malls that I used to ignore. Well, now I pay great attention to them. I really appreciate malls that put great thoughts into designing their baby rooms. Well, so far, I’ve only been to 2, one in Jusco Cheras Selatan and one in Alamanda Putrajaya.

Jusco’s baby rooms is located at the baby stuffs area. The bad thing is the room is only for mothers. Fathers are not allowed, so mothers have to do the job of changing the diapers besides feeding and nursing.

I like the diaper change area, it’s separated into 3 stations so I don’t have to wait in line. The lime green colour as the theme of the room is very easy on the eye too. There are articles on the wall to read more on baby and diapers and breastfeeding etc.

The wash up area is well equipped with hot water dispenser. This is really handy for mums who need to prepare milk but don’t have hot water. It’s also great for warming up EBM.

Then they have the very discreet nursing rooms, with curtains for more privacy.

The room is just very simple with a small 2 seater sofa, good enough for mother and baby’s bonding time together. The room is big enough for a stroller to be in there as well. Outside of the rooms there are more seats and benches in case all 3 rooms are fully occupied.

I do prefer Alamanda’s baby rooms, and they have one in every corner! Next blog when I have the pics.

Anything to get a smile like this.

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