Cigarette packs in Malaysia

This year, Malaysia’s cigarette packs started having scary images of the consequences of smoking printed on it so that smokers can be warned. I’ve seen the images, they are quite gory and give the shock factor for all smokers who are in denial. Then last month, the Health Ministry said that tobacco companies would be fined if they came out with special plastic covers to sneakily cover up these images.

Well, I think it’s not just tobacco companies doing that, but even retailers of tobacco. For eg. in the 7-eleven shop at my work place, they cover the images partially with the price tag.

They should have have stuck the price tag in a blank space maybe below the brand not directly on the images, this is definitely an intentional act. I think these shops need to be penalised too…

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One Response to Cigarette packs in Malaysia

  1. I can’t believe people still smoking with the current price. It’s wayyyy to expensive and not good for your health.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Yea, I think they purposely put the price tag to cover the image.

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