At 2 months…

Yesterday we brought Josiah to the clinic for his 2nd month’s checkup and immunisation.

We went early in the morning, but the place is already full of people. I wonder always how early these people came.

So we waited and waited, in total of 3 hours. Just for a weigh in and an injection.

I knew Josiah had put on quite a lot of weight and fat, judging from his chubbiness…. but little did I know he had grown to a whooping 6.23 kg. That’s like a 1.9kg increase in one month, an average of 62gm a day!

It was tiring to wait, but I guess it saves a lot of money going to the government. Josiah was past his nap time, so I just let him sleep on me.

It seems at 2 months, they do not take measurements for the height and head…only next month I guess. Well, I’m happy to say that he’s totally healthy at the moment. Only that his sleep time at night has changed again, to waking to feed more often, around every 2 hours. So, more sleeplessness for me!

Today I also start work. Thank God for my work place that is so near to home, so I go back every lunch time to check on him and have lunch at home. My sis in law who is baby sitting for me, just told me he drinks like 4 oz of EBM each time, I’m gonna have to work harder at pumping. Coz so far, it has not been enough…. >O

The afternoons are normally sleepy times, well now at work it’s worse than normal. I’ve got loads of work, but my eyes are hardly able to keep open and my mind can hardly focus well. Sigh, I gotta get used to this.

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