A new WiMAX lifestyle

How WiMAX Works

WiMAX, sounds like something that’s wide and maximum? Truth be told, I only heard of this term today, and it really stands for something long and challenging to remember, that is, Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It’s based on the IEEE 802.16 Air Interface Standard, compared to 802.11 currently used for WIFI. WiMax delivers a point-to-multipoint architecture, making it an ideal method for carriers to deliver broadband to locations where wired connections would be difficult or costly. Now, WiMAX is really a new technology for using broadband internet, and it’s wireless, fast, and doesn’t take a long time to set up. In my office now, we’re still using wired broadband, which took weeks to setup, where every pc is connected by metres and metres of LAN cable that has to be nailed to the walls and cubicles to hide the horrendous messy site from people.

Lan wires
However, at the modem and switch area, one can still see all the blue wires curled up and it is just a sight to behold. This place is just next to my table and it ain’t pretty. Takes up a whole lot of space too.

So, with WiMAX, this won’t need to exist. We ended up having a WIFI router installed so my boss and some other colleagues with notebooks can make use of Wireless technology, that means no more having to access their emails on the desk only, and being able to go to our library and use the internet with their notebook there. Still, it’s not as pretty as it sounds, as my boss still complains that he gets limited or no connectivity as our WIFI router is too far from the library, it’s something like less than 10m away, but blocked by many walls.

Supposedly, WiMAX has a calculated range of 50-70km, that’s compared to WIFI’s alleged 10m. What? That’s like 5000 times more! But that’s not it, Broadband SPEED is what we all look for. Most people can only use up to 1mbps with their current broadband subscription, and it’s not nearly fast enough. I can’t understand those that are still using Dialup, do they have so much time to waste? 56 kbps? That’s ancient alright. WiMAX promises a 70Mbps! Though many wonder whether it can really reach that speed, but hey, 10mbps is more than enough thinking of it right now.

If there’s WiMAX services right now where I live, surely life is much different. I don’t have to wait till I get to the office or get home to send an important email. Of course, no more excuses that I didn’t get that email because I was on holiday. Plus, I can blog and upload photos on the go! Like when I was in Penang, I actually suffered 3 days without internet! There was no WIFI service even in the hotel I stayed in. I was just wondering I could have uploaded my friend’s wedding photos LIVE and allowed those who couldn’t make it to celebrate together.

Penang Trip and wedding

I would probably have a handheld WiMAX device that I can carry anywhere, or a laptop I can turn on anywhere. Office lifestyle will be different too. In our office, we wish we can do away from the cables and have free seating style, everyone brings in their laptops and sit anywhere to do their work. In this way, we won’t be building our own ‘kingdom’ and sit in our own cubicles all day. It will be more open and discussion friendly.

Now, 3g is great, but 3g is much slower at only 384kbps. Here’s a really easy to understand diagram of some of WiMAX’s details from theSTAR:

3 Responses to A new WiMAX lifestyle

  1. Yes, definitely. WiMax is way better than WIFI. But what I wanted to clarify is, does wifi card able to receive WiMAX signal? I really wanted to know….

  2. That cable management is considered good already. Next best would be it’s hidden but hidden doesn’t mean organized most of the time. LOL!

    hyperX, I heard you’ll need a seperate WiFi device because they’re different standards.

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