Sabah Local Food Day 2 – Yu Chap

On the second day after a very good rest at Tune Hotel, we fired up our 650cc Kancil and drove to town centre in search for local hawker food. Just the night before, John’s aunt asked us to try Yu Chap…a kind of fish dish, cooked in salted vege and bee hoon. The fish pieces are made up of parts of the fish.

We walked around and around the shops around King Park Hotel, went to some wrong shops and finally found the shop selling this dish.


Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee! We were so excited to find it! Yes, crazy…anyways, the shop can’t be seen from the main road as it is behind King Park Hotel, and this hotel is opposite the GSC cinema.

I like this old kind of cinema extinct in most big cities…


We ordered the dish and wash it down with kopi c that early morning. All the energy we need for the whole day of swimming and snorkelling in the islands. Anyways, Yu Chap is super interesting..I never tasted this kind of dish anywhere before, I think it’s a Hakka dish? Fish meat and fish parts are mixed with different kinds of tauhu in a salty vege soup, very refreshing indeed. Everyone’s got to try this if you land in Kota Kinabalu. As I mentioned before, hawker food ain’t cheap here. This cost RM6 per dish.

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