Seremban in Sabah Seafood

The very first KK Seafood place we went to, ironically is called Seremban Seafood Restaurant. It is situated in a new housing area ALAMESRA, apparently developed by a West Malaysian company. John’s aunt brought us there since it was only the shophouse in front of Tune Hotel, and she was staying nearby at Kingfisher. According to her, this restaurant is well known for the good food, but not well known to be cheap, in fact, they can be pretty cut throat at times.

We ordered only 3 dishes for 2 persons, as she didn’t want to eat. First dish was steamed prawns. Somehow the prawns were not really huge, and came in two colours. I think there not were not enough of one kind so they had to mix them.


The Prawns dish was simply steamed in egg. Needless to say, it was so fresh, I think the prawns were fished from the aquarium, that was how fresh it was.

Second dish we had was the Silver Pomfret, better known as Ikan Bawal Putih. We had a small piece since it was only two of us. However, I knew straight away that this fish is going to cut throat…usually in Sarawak, it would cost around RM45 per kg.


Anyways, the main dish is what else…CRABS! If there’s such a thing as being blown away by a food dish, like in a performance, well I was blown away by the crab dish…the crabs were XXL large!


Maybe these are King Crabs, I didn’t know, but we ate like there was no tomorrow. John’s aunt was so satisfied watching us eat.


Total bill? It came to RM170 total bill inclusive drinks, just chinese tea. Was that cheap or expensive??

4 Responses to Seremban in Sabah Seafood

  1. I think it’s slightly on the expensive side for 3 person, but the dishes you ordered weren’t the economical type either.

    Silver pomphret is going to be expensive anywhere, and no, those aren’t king crab, just really big mud crab. 😀

  2. Definitely pricey man… wah siang, RM170 can get you 50 bowls of kolo mee and can get back some change. the prawns looked kinda plain, but the crabs are really something else.

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