Fruits of the Sea


It might seem unfair to other states in Malaysia that Sabah seems to have everything that other states can offer for want to climb mountains? She has the highest one, you want to go diving, she has the nicest diving spots, world-class at that, you want to eat? She has the biggest seafood! Well, that was our main mission, to devour the fruits of the sea in Kota Kinabalu. I have heard about the seafood for the longest time, well Sarawak has plenty of seafood too, but believe me when I say in Sabah was the first time I saw and taste crabs that big and shells so huge and sotong so large.


On our first day there, we were going to have late dinner with John’s aunt. She wanted to bring us to eat king crabs and prawns so we had to save our stomaches. So we went strolling at the Waterfront. Unlike Kuching’s Waterfront that overlooks the murky river and kampung houses, KK’s waterfront overlooks the clear blue sea and magnificent horizon exactly where the sun sets too.

P1250221The children’s evening pastime is rowing boats and not playing DOTA

I really wanted to catch the sunset when the sky turns pink, but was distracted by the nearby bustling market.


The nearby market was an eye opener..rows and rows of fruits of the sea lined the market stalls, vendors playing shout matches to attract buyers…and another section where you can sit down and eat…


They were all basically selling the same food, bbq fish, squid, crabs even, and prawns. They don’t come very cheap for the huge prawns. One huge prawn can cost up to RM38! We settled for squid to fill the stomach..

These medium sized ones are only at RM8.


I won’t say the place looked very hygienic, with flies happily settling on the cooked food, but at least they do actually reheat the food after you picked them.


As we were munching the juicy squid, on the table were plates and plates of these…


Anybody knows what’s that? More food posts to follow….

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