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PK Tan of is running this Malaysia Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign, and as part of this campaign, us bloggers are coming together as one to write about it on this first day of 2008. You know about the story of Creation? When God made the world, He created the heavens and the seas, and He created the animals of all kinds, and in Genesis 1:26, God said,

“Let us make man in our own image, in our likeness, and let them reign over the fish of the sea, and the birds of air, and the cattle, and all the land, 2 and all the creatures that crawl upon the earth.”

So, man was given the power to reign over the animals, and that includes wildlife, and that includes being responsible that these animals do not perish or extinct because of our irresponsibilities and ignorance that they do need a proper place to live, to breed, to multiply. Obviously, in today’s world, man has forgotten that and has exploited every part of the earth, even the highest mountains and the tallest jungles and the deepest oceans didn’t survive our hands. And neither the list of extinct animals.

But there is a hope for those that are endangered and not extinct yet. So, should we sit back and do nothing or speak up? I used to be a member of WWF when I was really really young. And then I stopped. Back then it was only RM50 a year, although that seemed a lot to me at that time. Writing now for this campaign, is making me aware again of the needs of our wildlife. Check out WWF, they make it easier for you to get involved too, by getting a passport, by volunteering, there’s so much to do in so little a time. So get up and do it now!


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