Chef Squirrel

Yesterday I went to another cafe. Ok, maybe I really want to be a food taster HAha. This place is also in Sg Long called Chef Squirrel. It’s right next to the 100yen Jap stuff store, where you can get weird cheap Jap stuff, from biscuits, to chopsticks, to little utensils. Anyway, somebody said this place is much better than the HongKong bistro around the corner, which I liked, but hate the service.

The first thing I noticed as I entered the place, was how unclassy and smudged the floor tiles were. The place’s decor was just ok, it was using a lot of green, but the tables and chair felt unclassy and cheap. There were two floors in the place, but didn’t check out the 2nd floor. Anyways, a cute little waitress came to take orders. There were many kinds of food to choose from, and really colourful drinks. I wanted the Dory fish and chips, but seems they ran out of that (Detestable when that happens, I expect whatever’s on the menu to be available at all times!) SO I had to settle for Honey Fish and chips.

Honey Fish

Ok the food was much better than Station One Coffee, but it wasn’t all that great. For one, the fish was rather overcooked, hard and too salty. My friends ordered other stuff.

Mango Rice

The mango rice Thai style was good, but too plain for a RM7.90 meal.

Lamb Chop

The lamb chop looked much better, although my friend said the vege was so little.

Anyways, I also ordered some colourful mango fruity drink.

mango jelly

It was good, but rather pricey at RM5.50. Overall, I didn’t fancy the presentation of the food too much. The utensils and the way it looks could have been better. And can’t stand all these places that continue to air soapy Chinese songs. Some Jazzy tunes could have add more class and broaden the customer base I think.

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