Recording Streaming Music

We get streaming songs and audio all over the net, but we can never keep them for offline listening pleasure, or bring it on a portable device. Won’t it be great if we can just record it? I used to use Creative Recorded that comes bundled with a Creative Soundcard. It’s great to recording anything that comes out of the speaker, or converting cassettes to MP3 through the line-in. However, the Creative Software is huge! And you have to manually convert files from Wav to MP3 using an external MP3 converter software. You can then listen to this music using 1byone record player.

In comes Audacity. Audacity is like an Mp3 convertor, recorder, and mini studio all in one. It allows you to recording your streaming audio and save it as MP3, provided you have the right plug ins. But it’s all fairly simple and documentation is good and easy to understand.

I have installed way too many multimedia softwares on my PC, and Audacity is good news for me, coz now I can uninstall Sony Soundforge, (eerily close to Sourceforge) for good, coz that one only allows 20 MP3 encodes anyways. Meantime, I don’t have to rethink installing Creative Software which requires about 600Mb of space.

I’m really still exploring on what Audacity can do, so get yours today and get discussing! It’s free best of all. Thank God for Public Domain!

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