Red Penguin Restaurant Review

Red Penguin Restaurant Review

Want to know what’s for dinner?

It’s been more than 2 months of slaving away in the kitchen every evening. Having delivery from a famous Asian Fusion restaurant was definitely a welcome delight. Wow, I’m stuffed and really want to tell you all about my amazing feast tonight.

Tonight’s sumptuous meal came all the way from Red Penguin @ TTDI. Red Penguin really specializes in a 150-year-old Kashmiri Briyani recipe that spans 3 generations. That sounded hard to believe, until I tasted it tonight! Red Penguin delivers all over Klang Valley, I received my order today with MrSpeedy. It took about half an hour to arrive.

I feasted on


KASHMRI BRIYANI - Tiger Prawn Masala
WESTERN FUSIONS - Paprika Grilled Fish with Basmati Rice
PASTA - Marinara Beef Meat Balls

There were add-ons of their famous 100% Mango juice and Water Melon juice, Mushroom soup and Pocket Salad.

KASHMRI BRIYANI - Tiger Prawn Masala

The Briyani was really fragrant with the herbs and spices, the rice was so soft. Additional spicy was given separately that can be added, but the Tiger prawns sweet and sour sauce Masala was more than enough. I must say the portion was really big, we shared 3 means among 4 persons and ended up super stuffed.

John couldn’t wait to devour the Tiger Prawns before phototaking was done

The most important thing is the prawns are big and juicy, very fresh as well. There were at least 6 big prawns. Other types of Briyani in the menu included:

a. Veggie Avenge
b. Kampung Fried Chicken
c. Hyderabadi Curry Chicken
d. Haddi Mutton (with bone)
e. Mutton Mutiny (boneless)
f. Tenggiri Spicy Sambal
g. Tiger Prawn Masala RM 22

Marinara Beef Meat Balls

Red Penguin offers a Pasta menu, so I ordered the Marinara Beef Meat balls for Josiah. It came with Mushroom soup that tasted home made. The pasta was cooked with lots of onions and spices, even the Beef balls seemed made from scratch.

If Josiah loves it, it must be real good.

Other pasta included:

b. Aglio Olio (Vege/Grilled Chicken/Fish)
c. Tom Yum Seafood
d. Pesto

The choices are quite extensive. There was also a Maharaja burger menu, a wraps menu, and an Asian menu.

Paprika Grilled Fish with Basmati Rice

Since I had Asian food nearly every day, I chose this dish from the Western Fusion menu. It’s grilled Dory served with a choice of Basmati Rice or Mashed Potatoes.

There were additional sauces given

I used the dark sauce which tasted like onion sauce for the fish. The chilli sauce was crazy spicy, for those who won’t find it TOO HOT TO HANDLE.

Anyways, I shared the Grilled Fish with Jordan and it ate it to the last bite. If my picky eater loves it, means I love it too!

Fresh and cold mango and watermelon juice

I can taste that there were no added water or sugar in the juice. It was just pure 100% juice. It was such a welcome end to a saucy and spicy meal, washing everything down beautifully.

Pocket Salad

There are all kinds of add-ons in the delivery menu that went for about RM5 each. I was so glad for the salad, a mixture of carrot, pepper, cabbage and more. It was a rather large portion too.

All in all, I really highly recommend ordering from Red Penguin. The price is affordable but the standard of the meals is like five star. It’s a great change away from our daily simple home cooked meals.

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