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I’ve always wanted to shop on Taobao but I am stopped by one thing. I can’t read Chinese! Therefore, when I found a site like SGshop, I literally shout for joy. It’s in English and very easy for me shop and find the items I want at a bargain. Unlike other online shopping, I find that clothes bought on Taobao are of really high quality. For the same quality, I will need to pay double or triple in our local shopping malls. Plus, starting as of today, there are lots of deals leading up to Double 11 Shopping Festival that you won’t want to miss.

So I bought some clothes on SGShop to try it out. Here’s a video of my haul.

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In total I bought 7 pieces of clothing for first payment of RM224.05. If you know about Taobao, there will be 2 payments in total. First payment is the cost of the item plus the shipping from the seller in China to the Agent’s China warehouse. In this case, SGshop is the agent. So upon reaching the warehouse in China, SGshop will repack and ship the item from there to my Malaysia Address. Hence, the 2nd payment is basically for the agent fees and shipping to Malaysia. For that I paid RM 62.18. So the total of my shopping for 7 items is RM286.23. Not to bad considering there were some heavy material dresses that I bought. So, read on to find out what I bought and the links to the items. You can click on the photos to go to the listing on SGshop.


White satin shirt for RM26.90 cost. Material is very cooling and soft. Love it and I want to get it in other colours.

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I really fell in love with this dress at first sight. Ok it might seem a bit pricey but still, I cannot get this kind of dress here without paying above RM100 for sure.


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I really love this piece that is a very light and thin material but it comes with a white camisole. It’s a front button up shirt with ribbon-tie back. Totally unique I think.

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I love this pink and printed blouse too. Somehow, I think China makes really pretty prints on their clothing. Nearly all these are iron free shirts, something I hate doing.

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I was super surprised to find this knitted skirt for this price. I was even more surprised when I received it to find how thick the material was. Totally stretchable and comfortable.

Well, if I match the blouse and this skirt together.

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So basically, I had a very pleasant shopping experience on SGshop. I am really satisfied with not only the products but the fuss-free process. Previously, I tried another agent and it didn’t ship direct to me and also took a long long time. SGshop managed to ship everything to me from my shopping date 25 Sept to the date I received everything which was Oct 9. I can’t wait to shop again this 11 Nov, because guess what, there’s going to be some major online shopping party!

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The theme for 11.11 sale 2018 is “Treasure Hunting”, as you can go through levels of promotions/games along the journey. Check it out here, you can track your whole journey and the details of each level of promotions/games.

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Date: 1/11/2018 – 30/11/2018  Title: Level 1 – Introducing “SHIOK!” Membership To You!

SHIOK! membership is a shipping incentive program to encourage users to ship parcels with heavier weight or larger volume. With subscription, users can enjoy the following privileges:

  • 30% Discount on International Shipping Fee for parcel weighed above 3KG.

  • No maximum cap for discount, the more you ship, the more you save.

  • No limitation for usage, you can ship with discount as many times as you want.

  • Prioritizing order fulfilment, your orders will be handled ahead of others.

  • Refer friends to get 100% rebate for subscription fee upon successful referral.

There are two types of subscription plan:

  • Subscribe 1 month @ RM18.80

  • Subscribe 1 year @ RM188.00 (RM15.67/month)

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 17.36.57

Date: 1/11/2018 – 10/11/2018 Title: Level 2 – Pre-order for 11.11 discounted items

[Service Charge Discount for Buy-For-Me & Smartshop]

Pre-order for 11.11 sales item during 1-10 Nov to enjoy 50% discount on service charge.


Date: 1/11/2018, 3:00pm5:00pm Title: Level 3 – Buy One Get One Free within 2 hours!

[Product Discount for Buy-For-Me]
Place “Buy-for-me” Purchase Order during 1st November 2018, 1500 hrs to 1659 hrs, type “Flash Sale” in the product page Remark column. For single purchase below RM50, will be entitled to an extra unit per item for free.


Date: 2/11/2018 – 10/11/2018 Title: Level 4 – Money Money Come!

[Spend to earn points and SGreward]

Spend on purchase order, service charge or international shipping fee during 2-10 Nov to get 1 SGreward Shard for every RM1 spent. Shards can be used to redeem SGreward at the conversion rate of 20 Shards = RM1 SGreward


Date: 6/11/2018 – 7/11/2018 Title: Level 5 – Grab Lucky Red Packet to win SGrewards!

[Play Mini game to win SGreward]

During 6-7 Nov, go to game page “Grab Your Lucky Red Packet!”, play game for free and unlimited entry to win prizes (RM10, RM5 and RM2 SGreward).

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 17.36.56

Date: 8/11/2018 – 10/11/2018 Title: Level 6 – Lucky Slot!

[Play Mini game to win SGreward, Cash Voucher and Discount Code]

Free 3 entries each day to spin the 【Lucky Slot】from 8-10 Nov in game page “LUCKY SLOT!” to win several BIG Prizes.


Date: 12/11/2018 – 15/11/2018 Title: Level 8 – Surprise Non-stop with Free Service Charge!

[Service Charge Discount for Buy-For-Me & Smartshop]

Place order on 12-15 Nov with Free Service Charge.

As you can see, there’s really a lot going on so don’t miss out on the many discounts and promotion starting TODAY! Head over now to to learn more about the tnc.




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