It’s Football Fever at Kidzania Sportz 2018!

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School holidays might be over, but not World Cup. This World Cup Season, you can expect the whole world to be experiencing Football Fever including the world of Kidzania! If you follow the major sports events, you can try online betting at If you’re wondering, well, football isn’t just a game that can be played on the big field or supported via a large screen during Live Matches. Now our kids can get to learn about different types of football and be a part of the fever as well. So this weekend when you head over to Kidzania, don’t forget to check out these new attractions. They won’t be around for too long, just another couple of weeks to go. Kidzania Sportz 2018 started on from 9 June to 8 July and guess what, some of the sports, parents can join in too! Parents may obtain tickets quicker if they find out more about Ticket4Football.


Kids can get to play Futsal for real. Whether they know how to dribble or not, this is the chance to experience it with real coaches in a 2V2 match. Some challenging games are such as trying to score a goal while blindfolded. Kids as young as 4 can join this activity, and it’s unlikely to be missed as it’s right where the huge globe used to be. There are special sessions with Malaysia Blind Football Team as well and the football experts from FAM Grassroots also joined in to provide exclusive coaching sessions at the establishment in Kidzania last weekend. Those kids must have had a blast!

You know in Kidzania, most activities need Kidzos to get in or kids have to work to earn some Kidzos. However, playing football TV Games during this month is totally free. When the teenagers get tired after a day of role playing, they can unwind here with their mums or dads and learn a thing or two about shooting goals and defending their team. This place is located at the Job Information Center.


The TV Studio itself is set up for so many games for kids and adults. Play a game of Subbuteo, on the table top. This is really fun to play in a group and it really can ‘kick’ balls around and score real goals. We had a go with this and it’s definitely suitable for all ages. The more traditional Foosball table is available here in the Tv studio room too. I love how the kids can learn the art and skill of hand-eye coordination while getting competitive in this game.


I was quite amazed by this mini skatepark. I’ve seen mini skateboards but never knew how people should ‘play’ with it. Little did I know that finger skateboarding is a real sport that needs lots of training. We watched how the finger skateboarder skated with only his hands and fingers and how the skateboard magically just stick to his fingers. He claimed that it did take 3-4 weeks just to master the skill of picking up the skates. Amazing! This is definitely less dangerous than skating for real yet is just as fun.

Actually, I took videos of this bike trainer but somehow my videos went corrupt. There’s a full sized bike in the studio with fully functional bike lights for real cyclist indoor training. Each session even lasts 30 minutes. Get on the bike and the TV screen will play a 30 minutes video, something like virtual reality except not really virtually. Cycle along with the team mates onscreen and we can get some real muscle training. This is really great for indoor cyclists like me who is afraid to cycle on the real roads or for those rainy days that you don’t want to skip the training.

Outside of the TV Studio, ther also a Table Tennis Robot Training where kids and adults can play against the pro machine and get some real training done. I would really love to try this out and see if I can beat a machine. At the Event space, there’s an archery class. I know my kids would go wild with this one as they love anything that shoots targets aka darts and guns. Archery really uses a lot of focus, balance, discipline and coordination. In the old days this might be a survival skill, but the kids should still get to do this as a sport. Never know, this might lead to their love for the sport and go all to way to national competitions.

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I’ll be heading to Kidzania for some educational fun because for us, we just never want to stop learning life together. For more information about activities and events at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, visit or, or call the KidZania Careline 1300 88 KIDZ (5439) from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Sunday.

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