MPO’s Heavenly Mahler Review

Together with my guest Elsa, we attended the MPO’s Heavenly Mahler last week at the Petronas Towers. The programme features the renowned piece by Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 4.


The conductor was Roberto Abbado, who was awarded the prestigious Premio Abbiati by the Italian Music Critics Association. I am not a professional musician, however, I was mesmerised how everything came alive as he started waving his wand. I always wondered how the whole orchestra aligns perfectly with the conductor. It seemed that the conductor always wore their heart on their sleeve.  It was fascinating to witness and listen to how Abbado effortlessly translates each musical note and breathe life to it!

The first play is Mahler’s Symphony No.4 in G major. It was an almost hour-long composition but felt way longer. Definitely, not in a bad way of course! It was extremely enjoyable and intricate that it felt longer than it really was. Elsa and I agreed that it was very soothing and led us to a such a state of peace that we nearly drifted to dreamland. Usually, people associate falling asleep with boredom but not in our case. It was good, buttery smooth even that it relaxed us so much. We just wanted to melt into the tune. Bravo to Abaddo, as we absolutely love each transition in this piece.
Things got even better when Lauren Snouffer, the soprano joined in the last 10 minutes of the play. She added more soul and emotion to the piece. We enjoyed it very much. What a beautiful ending to an already sweet starter.

The next piece was even more exciting. Snouffer sang to Barber’s Knoxville: Summer 1915. It was interesting to have a soprano translate a seemingly mundane activity through a song! Especially since it was a classic. Both of us were amazed by Snouffer’s ability to hit the very high pitch yet her voice remained soothingly sweet to our ears.

For Wagner’s Overture to Tannshauser, honestly, we felt like we were Disney princesses being transported back in time for a great adventure. Through the performance, our hearts beat with excitement for what was to come next. True enough, we were not disappointed each time.

I would never say no to any of MPO’s selected performance! Thank you MPO for this blessed invite. We can’t wait for the next musical adventure!

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By: Belle Foong

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