MyCare’s White Formula Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Range

Recently, I started using this set of skincare called White Formula 自白肌 Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acide Range. I always love any product with Hyaluronic Acid so this is great news for me. This range is pretty new to me and it’s available exclusively at and the pricing is very affordable. Sometimes, we tend to judge the product’s quality from the pricing but I’ll definitely jump for joy when I find products that are absolute quality at an affordable price.  Apparently White Formula is very popular in Taiwan especially on  Beauty Queen 女人我最大!  It also won quite a few beauty awards since 2011. Must be worth a try right? Let’s go through the products according to the steps one by one. Also, read to the end to find out how you can win this whole set!
This is the overview of all the steps in case it gets confusing!

Step 1: Cleansing with White Formula Super Moist Facial Foam with Hyaluronic Acid 120G 自白肌 玻尿酸濃密保濕潔顏露 (RM29.90)
It is quite a big tube at 120g so I like it as I can use it for a long time.
All the range has this feature, 3 types of HA that is able to be absorbed in different skin layers. namely, the patented Hyaloveil® , Sodium Hyaluronate-Macro and Hyalo-Oligoâ„¢. I’ll say you the scientific backing behind these, but basically the 3 HA are supposed to work together to provide moisture and hydration effectively both of which are key to keeping our skin moist and supple and more youthful. The last thing we want from a cleanser to something that strips our skin of all moisture and leaving it dry and wrinkled right? So, this cleanser works just nicely against that.
It’s a foam cleanser, so it’s not gel type but more a creamy milky type that will create lots of foam. I will use this after my makeup remover daily, morning and night with my brush and it’s able to remove most residue, oil and impurities effortlessly. A little bit about 1cm is enough!
It’s suitable for Normal to Dry Skin and I like that it fragrant free and not drying. In fact, all White Formula products do not have alcohol, fragrance our colourant. If something doesn’t suit my skin, it will easily cause breakouts and irritation, and I can safely say so far, no issue with this brand.

Step 2: White Formula Super Moist Light Toner with Hyaluronic Acid 290ml 自白肌玻尿酸清爽保濕化粧水 (RM49.90)
After cleansing, I can move on straight to toning. This toner works more like a lotion or light essence. For your info, it can be complicated as Taiwanese skincare labels are different from Kbeauty ones. This is the toner that can be considered an essence and can also be used as a mask if you wet your cotton pad and put it all over the face for 3 min. To be honest, I exfoliate before this step with another exfoliating toner or a scrub as I feel just the cleanser alone is not enough.
The toner is nice and pleasant to use, just wet a piece of cotton pad and apply it in an upward motion all over the face and neck. It is just a transparent water with no scent whatsoever, but apply it enough and it’s really hydrating. It’s not sticky and has very low acidity. Should be suitable even for sensitive skin. It is also known to stimulate collagen regeneration, leaving the skin firm & smooth!

Step 3: White Formula Super Moist Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid 200ml 自白肌玻尿酸濃密膠原保濕乳 (RM49.90)
This step is the lotion, now this is quite an unknown step to me with all other skincare. Normally, I use essence and serum after toning, so I’m not sure about this lotion. It is my least favourite product inside the range that I probably won’t use daily or in the mornings despite the amazing claims.
This lotion is creamy and thick, in fact I wondered if this should be used on the body instead. It is very thick when applied on, and doesn’t absorb easily. This is probably really good for super dry skin. This lotion contains Marine Collagen extracted naturally from the deep sea and is supposed to work to replace lost moisture and enhance skin elasticity. It says it is non sticky but it is quite sticky to me. However, it probably does form a protective layer to moisture is not lost. For me, I would use it maybe on my hands instead or only at nights, but the good news is it didn’t cause any breakouts like certain products that are too rich will on my skin.

Step 4: White Formula Super Moist Gel with Hyaluronic Acid 50ml 自白肌 玻尿酸濃密保濕水凝露 (RM61.90)
Initially, I thought this is the last step! However, upon inspecting the directions, this is to be used before the final essence step. I love this step the most! This gel contains 2 unique PATENTED moisturizing ingredients – Ceramide & Moist24TM. It is able to naturally boost skin defense and provide 24 hours moisturisation. What’s most important it the light gel texture that is very cooling upon application.
It doesn’t come with a spatula though, so I just use my old spatula from other products as this is the only product with a jar packaging. This special formula can also be used as a night mask
to enhance skin elasticity and hydration. I enjoy using this a lot, using it twice a day morning and night all over the face and neck too.

Step 5: White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence 40ml 自白肌 玻尿酸濃密保濕精華液 (RM62.90)
With only 40 ml, this is the most pricey of the bunch here but it does come with a really nice pump bottle. This is the essence which I was confused and used it before the gel moisturizer above. In fact, it is supposed to be the last step that offers intense moisturising.
Just one or two pumps from the bottle is enough and the formula is in between watery and gel like, no colour at all. Why is this one so intense? That is because it contacts 4 unique types of Hyaluronic Acid and 10 X times Hydration Power. SYN®-HYCAN-Nano form of Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deeply and targets dry Skin cells for complete hydration. It’s pretty cooling and I like this as well. It feels good to be able to lock in all the water and stay hydrating all day, day and night!

white formula1
I had only been using this range for 2 weeks but don’t just trust me, trust celebrity artist Fan Wei Qi 范瑋琪 who is the brand ambassador, and Taiwanese just have perfect skin I must say. She is even older than me but looks like in her 20s or something, I guess her secret is White Formula!


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