What Goes On Behind The Scenes in Genting Highlands


Genting Highlands The City Of Entertainment..have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? How the laundry is done for the 6000 over rooms in First World Hotel alone? How food is made for the many guests…how the sound and lights coordinate for the many amazing entertainment shows going on there? Well, I asked that question before and had the first hand experience to find out all the hows in the exclusive and education Behind The Scenes Tour.

The actual itinerary goes like this:

2.15pm – Everyone gathers at the First World Tagging Counter or the Vision City Video Games Park
2.30pm – Genting International Showroom
3.00pm – SnowWorld
3.30pm – See, Do & Eat Workshop
4.30pm – Horizon 50
5.00pm – End of Programme

However, since we were there for the Magic Show review too at 4pm, we had to cut out a few things from the tour. So for this time, I’d be sharing on only the Laundry tour, the See, Do & Eat Workshop and the Genting International Showroom.


We took the lift to the basement and found ourselves in the laundry floor of the hotel. This was where all the bedsheets, towels, pillowcases etc etc were channelled through a chute. That is why you don’t see people carting the linens around the hotel right? There was linen coming down the chute non stop, like a gun.


Although there were big machineries to clean the linen, a lot of manual labour was needed still. There were lots of workers to sort the linen from one place to another and to iron them using gigantic iron machines.


For washing these huge blue bags were filled with the linen and then just moved across a rail into the washing machines. The linen were not taken out, they were washed right inside the bags. This is somewhat like our small washing machine bags that we use for small items.


There was the area for the guests clothing too…let me check out whose clothes these are. Basically in this room, the staffs would sort the clothes by tags and also iron the clothes. They have the traditional ironing machines, and then they have the iron man machine, which is like SO COOL! Watch the video to find it.

Basically, you just have to slip your shirt into the machine, like a mannequin wearing your shirt, and then when you turn on the machine it would be like a waffle maker that pressed the shirt together, with lots of steam come out, and in seconds, the shirt is perfectly pressed and smooth right up to the sleeves and collar. Amazing machine, the tour guide said we can buy this machine and bring home too. Guess how much? (Hint in the video)

Outside, there was this machine that looked like a huge laminator machine that pretty much worked in the same way. The workers were seen placing pillow cases onto the rolling machine, and it would come out all dried and pressed at the other side of the machine. Fun job.

Having seen all the works of the laundry room, totally informed and knowledgeable and hungry, we left the floor and headed to the Meeting Rooms for the Eat, See and Do workshop which also doubled as our lunch time.


We were greeted by donuts and sweet toppings! The kids got really excited. We get to decorate our own donuts (which was delicious by the way) and cream it with our choice of blueberries or custard and could also use fresh toppings like grapes and strawberries.



We also get to make sushi using cute shapes and cutters to make the faces and top it with seaweed, crabstick, egg rolls and more. There was a chef present teaching us how to make them and it was really fun even for the adults and parents.

Not sure if my sushi turned out ok or not as I was rather hungry, so eating was more important than making it look good at the point. It was indeniably delicious though, after all I made them myself.

My donut was like super simple, I had some blueberry jam cream inside and laden it with strawberries, which you could not see, and just a simple grapes topping as it was already sweet as it is.


After filling our tummies, we were once again energised and and our next stop was the Genting International Showroom. We were going there to watch Superstars of Magic 4 anyways, so before the show start, we were shown how the lighting works and how the sound works and was given a demo (see the video above). The system really looked quite simple..however, the effects was really good. These guys know what they are doing. I think I heard the boss say that technicians had to work on site for 2 years before being allowed to touch the controllers during a live show, talk about commitment.


They even use the manual sound board, means you have to be more pro at it to get the right sound.

Everything run perfectly smoothly when we watched the show that time, nobody usually would look back at the lighting and sound guys to give them a thumbs up. Well, let me just say without them nothing could run…without them, there is no show, so kudos to the sound and lighting guys, you guys rock! Of course, kudos to all the backstage crew whose faces we do not see, they are the real heroes that make things happen.

And of course our awesome PR guys and cute gal…for spending the whole day bringing us around, love you guys. See the video for the rest! Register now and for this guided tour to explore a side of the resort that only a few have ever seen. Cost is RM28 (for everyone else) and RM25 (for Genting Rewards Members).

Tour Dates

August : 1,2,8,9,15,16,22,23,29,30,31
September : 5,6,12,13,19-27
October : 3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25,31

Check the website for more info.

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