Latest Smartphone Vivo X5 Pro – Extreme Hi-Fi & Slim Body

Vivo’s latest smartphone, the Vivo X5 Pro was recently just launched in Malaysia with much fanfare in a star-studded event held in Kuala Lumpur.

Vivo Electronics from China prides itself in creating the world’s thinnest phones, and with this new model, the X5 Pro joining their lineup of awesome beauties, Vivo once again made it to headlines with functional, borderline priced phones that not only sports amazing speed and interiors, but looks beautiful enough to make any Vivo owner delight by every touch of the phone. In one sentence, the X5 Pro features 2.5D curved glasses,13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, Snapdragon 615 64bit Octa-core 1.5GHz Processor and premium Hi-Fi quality Audio.


The Vivo X5 Pro’s 2.5D Curvy Glasses on both sides brings a glossy and 3D appearance from the front of the phone, making all graphics and text look stunning when you use it for photo taking or even for reading messages. I


Corning Gorilla Glass for phone screen covers are all the rage these days as they are well known to protect the screen from notorious cracks, with Vivo X5 Pro, it has that taken care of with the glass on both sides of the phone, giving it a strong and scratch resistance surface. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting bulky casing just for this phone.


Take another look at the curvy sides, it seamlessly flowed from the glass on the front and back and create this curved sides that are pleasant to the touch on your hands.


The screen has a layer of sapphire coloured nano crystal coating, what this does is it transforms Vivo X5 Pro screen into a stylish statement when it shimmers blue like the sapphire jewel. It is very pleasant to the eyes and makes reading or looking at pics a pleasure.


What many potential users want to know is how tough is the phone. The body of this phone uses a Multi Beam Aircraft Wing structure with strong stainless steel and aluminium alloy frame, thus ensuring how strong the body would be. This phone is really designed to defy everyday damages and bents and dents that usually happens to smartphones that gets thinner and thinner every generation.

If you have super eyesight, you might be able to see that the metal framework all the around the phone has micro-honeycomb structures. This is designed through and anodizing process, basically to make the phone scratch-free for longer. Another plus point and reason to ditch those unflattering covers.


At 6.44mm, the X5 Pro is not as thin as its predecessor the X5 Max at 5.1mm, but a different of only 1mm plus is seriously undefinable to the eyes, plus it still holds the record as one of the thinnest smartphones in the market today. Truth be told, the size of 147.9×73.45×6.39mm is just perfect for holding in our hands.


I find the Super Amoled Display super impressive as well, especially the 5.2” display, touted as the perfect size, not too small and not too big that it looks like a phablet instead of a phone, afterall, it has 1080p screen to sport amazing visuals and smoother videos. With the Vivo X5 Pro, it is all about the experience.


One of the most important feature I always look out for in a Smartphone is the camera. The latest vivo phone allows you to take photos simply by touching at any part of the surface, not just a button, this really saves you time!


Sapphire comes in again in the camera lens for protection and clarity. Did you know that in all of precious stones, only the Diamond is stronger than the Sapphire? Sapphire also has high light refracting properties that allows the camera to absorb more light, thus producing beautifully captured pics at every click.


Another important camera feature is the autofocus. You would want your camera to be able to focus at high speed so you do not miss that masterpiece scene. The vivo X5 Pro has a  13 mega-pixel rear camera that works on PDAF (phase detection auto focus), which makes the focussing speed faster than any ordinary contrast focus tech.


Selfies are all the rage these days, people cannot stop taking pics of themselves with their phones. We find that we need to use more and more additional apps to beautify our selfies, but with the Vivo X5 Pro, it comes built in with a facial recognition software to adjust your complexion to make you look awesome no matter what!


There’s also the special Fingertip-Smart Wake 2.0 feature that allows you to unlock the phone with a single touch, even from a locked screen. You get to record the gesture that you want to use for specific apps, whether it is in the form of a shape or an drawing of a certain alphabet on the screen. For eg, maybe you can use a C swipe for canera or B for browser etc.


Vivo phones has always been marketed to Hi-Fi enthusiasts, thus they take sound really seriously. This phone is powered by a custom-made Cirrus Logic DAC AK4375 audio chip, in lay man terms, your music will sound more detailed, where you can differentiate the beats from the instruments to the vocals, a must have to true music lovers. If you know Vivo phones, you’d know that the sound it produces is always above average, and this new model is no different if not better.


The Vivo X5 Pro runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop, with the usual Vivo touch in the FunTouch 2.1 ROM.  The FunTouch OS is famed for being one of the Android’s lightest OS which means you get all the speed when running apps.


The vivo X5Pro comes with dual-SIM standby and is 4G LTE enable, with 2450mAh Li-Po battery. It includes 2GB RAM with 16GB of total internal storage+microSD (up to 128 GB). The mid-range Vivo X5 Pro is priced at RM1599 in Malaysia. For more information on the Vivo X5 Pro, please visit their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK

*All pics from Vivo Malaysia

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