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The only way I shop nowadays is by sitting in front of the PC and searching away, I always find the best product reviews online. Online shopping has totally caught on in Malaysia compared to just a couple of years ago when people were afraid to even key in their credit card number online, that is not the case anymore today. Online shopping is the smart way to shop today because of the convenience and the ease of research, comparing pricing and styles from shop to shop, plus we save on petrol and time stuck in jam. I had been shopping online comfortably now and only today I came upon iprice Malaysia, promising to be a one stop shopping destination. I had to check it out for sure and here are my findings about this new portal.

iprice shop
iprice is NOT a portal that actually sells things, it is a place where you can find products that is linked to other online shopping websites all in one place, in a visually appealing way, so to make it easy to find something you need without opening so many different websites and the large enough visual and easy to read pricing makes it easy on your eyes and brain too. This solves my utmost headache when shopping on certain sites that well, gives me headaches. A useful tip is also to learn how Drop Ship Lifestyle Works. Sometimes there are way too many products and searching for them is so hard that I end up feeling lost, like lost in a jungle of online products literally. So the lost feeling might make me actually leave the website and not come back. I can think off hand a few websites that do that to me.

Secondly, iprice shows you clearly the discount of each product and when you roll over your mouse arrow on the product, it shows you where you buy it. There are many vendors listed on iprice, most popularly Zalora, Lazada, Topgirl, Reebonz and yea so many many more. When you click through, you will get directly to the product on that website where you can just buy it. So the job of iprice can be said to be a price comparison site and also a search engine for you to find what you want easily.

Real life experience, just last week I won some vouchers from Lazada but I had no idea what to buy there. I surfed the site a few days on my PC, on my phone, on my iPad and couldn’t figure out what to get. Today on iprice, I simply searched Soda (don’t ask me why) and out popped my favourite coffee cup, KeepCup. Now after so many days of browsing on Lazada, I had no idea this product can be found on it. I guess now I know, thanks to iprice.

iprice coupon
Then there’s the coupons on iprice. These are basically promotions and coupons from the vendors which can be confusing when they send it to your emails or you might miss it if you don’t open your emails. On iprice it is all listed nicely in boxes so it’s easy to see which promotion and discount is still on and which is expired etc. I wish they also offer special iprice only vouchers for some of the vendors you know.

Therefore, I think iprice is a great new shopping destination that will give you a better shopping experience and open up opportunities for more vendors to place their products here and more power in the hands of consumers to choose and decide from a wider array of brands and shops so we can come to an informed decision of what to buy. No more lost in the e-commerce jungle, no more confusion that’s for sure.

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