Chinese New Year Gathering with Herbalife Skin


Just before I went back to my hometown for Chinese New Year, I was invited to attend a Chinese New Gathering with Herbalife Skin at their HQ in Plaza See Hoy Chan. Prior to this, I had known about Herbalife but not so much about the new skincare range launched last June 2014. It was a small intimate affair where we not only get to learn about the benefits and affectiveness of the whole range of products but also to try it out for ourselves in a spa like environment.



The pleasant afternoon started off with a introduction to what is Herbalife Skin by The Senior Director / Sub-regional General Manager of Herbalife Malaysia & Singapore, K.R. Sridhar.


This was followed by Ms, Irene Cheng, the Nutritionist and also a Herbalife Trainer, who explained in depth about each and everyone of the 10 products in our kit and also showed us one by one how to use them.


The best benefits for me about Herbalife Skin is that it is a safe product, free from sulphates and paraben. I am always looking for such products and it is not easy to find them in beauty counters.


I received a full range of products to try and I chose the Soothing Aloe Cleanser meant for Dry to Normal Skin. The other Citrus cleanser was meant for oily skin. In the range is also a mist Toner and a Serum. More explanation how to use these later.


There’s actually and AM and PM eye gel/cream and moisturiser, how nice, our skin does have different needs to day and night time, don’t you agree?


Then lastly, there’s the mask and scrub to be used 1-3 times a week. It’s so important to scrub off dead skin cells before even applying mask or else there’s not going to be any absorption into the skin.


The bottles of products have numbers on them, so you just can’t go wrong. It’s cleanse, tone, serum, eye, moisturise daily. This is great for guys like John who may be a bit blur about which ones come first, as he is the type to use a bar of soap for this whole body from top to toe! To the horrors of the ladies in the room when they heard that.


During the try out sessions, we basically just use the product on our hands so not to spoil our makeup eh. It was very fun to do this together and we get to smell the product and learn how to use it properly before bringing it home to test for 7 days.



Next I tried the scrub and it has like little beads of berries in it.

After scrubbing, I could supposedly see one hand smoother and whiter than the other, of course, it is quite impossible to see in the picture.


Then I tried the Mint Clay Mask and I really love this because it uses Bentonite Clay. I had learned a lot about the miracle of Bentonite Clay and removing toxin not just from the skin but it can literally be used for anything. Bentonite Clay is like a must have in your kitchen, I have a huge bottle sitting in my cabinet which I use for making tooth powder. When using the Mint Clay Mask, you cannot live it on too long, max 5-10 minutes coz it will totally tighten your face. It’s also effective with gravitation folds.

Herbalife Skin is not just made for women, guys can use it too. John is using the eye gel here as his eyes, well, got lots of wrinkles. For the first time, he also learned the importance of skin care and how easy it is to use them, with the numbering system.


After the fun facial time, Herbalife Skin even had a lucky draw and I won a makeup pouch. It’s gold and sparkly, love it.


Here’s a factsheet to all the products mentioned including the pricing. Herbalife Skin products can only be bought through members or distributors or at the HQ itself, I hear members enjoy a special price too.

My Product Review

So I tried using since Feb 13 and had continued using it till now. Here’s my verdict.

1) Ease of use
I love how it is one set solution, I do not have to think too much and just follow the directions and numbers and use them for day and night. It is really the complete skin care.

2) No bad parabens and sulphates
I hate them parabens and sulphates, enough said.

Ok I wanted to show my before after picture but no I don’t want to scare you. I have lots of acne and scar. Let me just describe it. After using the product on the first day, I actually had some breakouts. I am not sure if it is caused by the products of just my sensitive skin, everytime I use a new product I will have breakouts, or actually I have breakouts all the time. So I had some really major acne on my forehead during CNY, up to about 5 of them. Today as I write this, all of them had disappeared without doing anything like pressing, squeezing or using any acne cream on them, except for one that is still there but small. I guess it will disappear on its own too if I take care of my skin. Prior to using Herbalife Skin, I must admit that I do not have the best discipline in cleansing toning etc. That is because I have 1 2 products from here and there, and sometimes I just forget to use the toner, or use the serum. Now I place my Herbalife Skin above my dresser nearby my bedside and I make sure to use it day and night before anything else. I place them in a row so it’s super easy. Somehow, having a simple system works for me. So I do not see major breakouts after that first time, and my skin is possibly getting less oily (dry skin produces more oil) and more hydrated as now I actually moisturise them. I also used a lot of makeup during CNY so that could have been bad for the skin, on normal days at work I don’t use any at all, no powder etc, maybe just a light lip balm. Herbalife Skin claims to have visible effect in 7 days, I can’t confirm on that as I did not scan my skin under any machine to see for real, but just the fact that I am using it still, is testimony enough that I like this product and will continue to use it to the end and see how it goes. I hope to see my pores shrunk and lines minimised at the end of finishing the set, if so I will definitely give an update.

Update on 28 April 2015
Now after having used the full set of skincare nearly 2 months and finishing the serum and toner, I have to say my skin has improved tremendously. Throughout this time I did not try other products or even visit my facial therapist, so it has all got to be thanks to Herbalife Skin. No breakouts so far and less redness, smoother and smaller pores. I’m so happy and will definitely continue using this for now. I believe it is also due to the simple steps that made disciplined to use it day and night even if I was rushing, I will not skip it.

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