Dumex Launched New Interactive Website

Last July 27th, I and my whole family was invited to Dumex’s Launch of their new interactive website and a Buka Puasa Event at Aloft KL.


It has got to be one of the most well planned event I’d ever attended and everyone from old to young are well entertained. Firstly, only the invited mothers, pregnant or not were allowed in the main hall for the event, but the fathers and their kids were given a separate room where they were entertained by a clown and magic shows and cartoons on a big screen tv. John and Josiah came along and Josiah had so much fun, and when my kid is happy I am happy. Besides that, while we were all waiting to enter the hall, there were so many activities going on outside in the foyer for all to enjoy. Above pic was the spin the wheel game, where Josiah just need to answer a simple milk related question, spin and get the price. There were over 5-6 stations of such simple games and lots of freebies for everyone. There was even a photobooth, and after the event we did take a family pic there.

Of course, samples of milk were given out, both for mothers and also for the kids.

We were then ushered into the big hall where the actual event was, and it started with a speech from the Managing Director of Danone Dumex, Ms Toni Brendish.

“As a company with a long-standing heritage in Malaysia, Danone Dumex believes in the importance of partnering mums to nurture every new life, from conception all the way to toddlerhood. As her lifelong partner, we understand that being a mother is never always straightforward, as it entails constant learning of new things in the face of change. Hence, the creation of a new real time Dumex® website designed to give mums access to an online community of mothers with real experiences and wisdom. It is supported by a group of Dumex® Careline Advisors and healthcare professionals so that mums get the right advice and reassurance,” explained Ms Toni. “In addition, there are also a variety of engaging and interactive tools on the website which are very useful for a mum, not only for guidance, but also to celebrate her joys of motherhood.”

Launch of Dumex New Website from leonalim on Vimeo.

Then we watched the launch video about the features of the website, and I was really quite impressed with the video, so I decided to share it here. The new website itself is also quite impressive as it is now REALLY interactive, something like facebook where we can ask questions and all mothers in the community can answer. I had found that kind of feature useful with a certain group on facebook so to have it here in a company’s website and to have a team of people and experts ready to answer my every crazy motherhood questions, that is pretty cool. For I had been there and know that new mums are just full of questions ALL THE TIME.

After all that, we had a forum where 3 mothers and also experts in their field took the stage to share some tips of nutrition for mums and other things. Dumex® Careline Advisor and Nurse Preeta Letchumanan, Consultant Dietician Indra Balaratnam, and Celebrity Mum Azizah Ariffin also took questions from the audience and gave short and sweet answers.

After that, we were asked to do an activity! The activity required participation from people in the whole table, but our table were given two packs of materials instead of one. We were required to use all the materials, from staples to glue, buttons to glitter, and create some kind of artwork and also had to think up some words related to motherhood and write it on the cloth given in our most fanciful and artful way. The bunch of 5-6 people on our table started working with one pack and then I took out the other pack and there was only one other mother that did it with me! We were given a really short time so it was really crazy and messy work, but I was quite happy with the end result and even more surprised that our artwork was actually part of a puzzle piece to make a huge piece of art.


Finally, it was near time to buka puasa. We took pics and then our families were invited into the hall, and it was just time to give thanks and eat.
Once again I was really impressed with the detail of the organiser, they even had cutlery and plates for kids, and food suitable for the kids. While dinner was going, a chef went on stage and started making smoothies using the Dumex milk and some fruits. We were all given the smoothies at our table to taste. Very nice, I make green smoothies but never thought of using milk this way.

Finally, when dinner was done, we went back out and lined up for the Fotobox shoot. We were even given a copy of the photo in email and hardcopy too. Again, very generous of Dumex.


Overall, Dumex put together a really awesome event for us mothers and I really look forward to more things this company is doing. If you are a new mother or mother to be, don’t forget to check out the website. There are also practical interactive tools such as the ‘Pregnancy Weight Tracker’ and ‘Pregnancy Calendar’ and other useful features like a “Live Chat” and “Moments from the Heart”. Wish such sites existed when I was pregnant and clueless.

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