What food stuff to prepare for your confinement?

I was at a blur what to buy for my confinement nanny to cook. Thank God I can ask my confinement centre, and this is what Alice faxed to me.



Being non Chinese speaking, it is quite hard to ask people what to buy and then go to the chinese herb store to buy them, as I won’t know whether what the chinese physician recommend would be the things the confinement nanny want. So it’s really easy to have this list, which I brought to the shop last week. There are some things on the list that Mdm Tan from the shop cut off, saying they are not suitable for confinement nowadays. And then she added her own list of herbs for soup for 12 days. These herbs alone take her 2 days to pack.


When the bill comes, it was definitely not funny.

Total of everything came to RM759…and these are just herbs, wine, sesame oil and vinegar for cooking. We still have to buy the raw stuff later on, the vegetable, chicken, pork, and fish etc.


I seriously doubt I can finish all these during confinement..I don’t really want to either! Depending on the baby, some herbs might not be suitable during breastfeeding. Plus, I have a huge pack of Kacangma herbs from Kuching courtesy of Li-ann and Aylwin which I’ll have to teach the confinement nanny how to cook if she doesn’t know how. I also found this blog about how to cook Kacangma in pictures…

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  1. our older parents also survived without email and blogs 😛 that aside, I know my mum said nobody took care of her after she delivered us, and she indeed suffered many ailments today. Why go through the same when you can do better?

  2. Li-Ann took a lot of the expensive herbs during her confinement, and never really felt her strength returning to her. My mum came to visit for a week and cook kacangma for her… It made a world of difference… She only had kacangma for one week, no other stuffs, and she felt much better… Plus it saves cost…

  3. oh wow, sure cost a lot doesn’t it. just makan alone for me last time was nearly more than RM1K (herbs and food).

    and yes, surprisingly kacangma was really good for me. my MIL said she only took kacangma for her postnatal; and it gave her a lot of breast milk. best thing is, it’s so so so much cheaper than all these herbs we’re told we need.

    no harm trying 🙂

  4. all the women in my family go through all those confinement like you. but worse, my grandma imported them from hong kong, china, and korea. they cost more. but you’ll see the results when you get older. the price you’re paying is much cheaper than getting sick in the future.

    by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog

  5. WAH! That’s insane! First of all I didnt know there were such things as confinement centres LOL And WOW thats a big bill … babies are a costly commitment arent they. As long as both you & baby are hapy & healthy no cost is too much I say! MUAXX So excited for u Leona! Must get Ade to SMS me as soon as u deliver! 🙂

  6. omg omg….
    wow, sooo many herbs!

    my EDD is 3 weeks away..
    and i thought : – 2kg dried longans – ginger – 6 bottles of red wine (my eurasian mil even got shocked when i brought these home) – 1 bottle yomeishu – + other raw foods
    is enough to last me for my 1 month confinement….

  7. don’t u have red dates at least? my herbs stuff finished before half way through my confinement, even though I stopped taking them when baby has jaundice.

  8. hi leona,
    im not gonna have any red dates drink for my confinement.
    my indo chinese mum claims ginger, dried longan & brown sugar drink is enough. not sure how true is that though?
    at least its much better than my eurasian MIL..she said—-> “plain water is good enough”

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