Predicted flood didn’t happen

wisma saberkas

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Last year during Chinese New Year, many houses in Kuching was affected by the terrible flash floods. This year, a couple of flash floods was predicted to happen on Chinese New Year Eve and some other day. However, none of that happened, in fact the weather in Kuching had been fine and beautiful.

I took this picture from the car on a very fine day with fantastic blue sky. Somehow I feel the sky is more blue in Kuching? It’s just wonderful and hardly ever too hot. I feel Saberkas kind of looks like a toy building in this pic. Anyways, Wisma Saberkas was one of the very first ‘tall’ building in Kuching, being a shopping complex on the few lower grounds. Used to hang out there when I was kid, since it’s really near my home. We used to walk there every evening after dinner and just go window shopping. Nowadays, most people go to places like Parkson and all. But I still love this place…

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  1. Oh mi gosh!

    HEy! 🙂

    So happy to find another Kuching person! Boy it’s difficult you know…ehehe…

    Lovely site…simplicity..calming…

    Have a nice day!

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