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Go Green, Buy and Sell Secondhand Baby Toys

I’m a firm believer of learning through play. After 8 years and 2 boys, my house is proof of my belief, there are toys lying everywhere. I have a big storage of toys right inside my kitchen because the storeroom is full. My guest room had turned into a toy and junk storage too. Once I walked down the stairs to get some water but tripped over some marble run toys installed by my boys on the stairs itself. It drove me to think about how I can rid of these toys without having to throw them away since they are in good condition. I also want to make room for more toys that are more suitable for the boys’ age now but buying new toys can rip a big hole in my pocket. Then, my friend told me about Carousell website. I checked it out and realised this is better than just listing my secondhand baby toys on other platforms as there is security in dealing within Carousell. I can check profiles of buyers and sellers easily and contact can also remain within the app or website. With the easy to use report system, Carousell is able to filter out fraudulent users so to keep real buyers and sellers like us safe.

carousell 1
My kids are really into blocks and dominos nowadays. I went to the toy shop to find something like this but it cost over RM100. I decided to check it out on Carousell and it’s only selling for RM30. That’s so cheap. At the same time, I can save the earth by going green and using secondhand items. Also, there are more variety to choose from in the comfort of my own home.

carousell 3
How about dominos in Chinese characters? Wow this is really educational. They are not only learning physics when arranging the blocks but language too. I don’t even know where to find this type of dominos in the toy store but everything can be found within Carousell.

carousell 4
I forgot that I am supposed to sell off the toys in my house rather than buy some more! Carousell offers an easy way to sell off any unwanted preloved items. After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Selling is fast and easy. Buyers can take your offer or offer you another price and you have the rights to accept or reject. You can choose to meet up or send over your items. I always prefer to meet up if the buyer is nearby especially if the thing I am selling is heavy or really expensive. With a room full of baby toys accumulated over 8 years, I believe after selling them all, I can make quite a fortune.

Do you have things to sell or buy? Why not check out Carousell first before heading to the actual stores. You never know what treasure you might find. After all, you are buying from your fellow community, you are actually supporting each other in the process. Do share this article with your friends who might find it useful.

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