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A weeks’ outfit under RM100 only in Jalan Jalan Japan

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Can you spend only RM100 for 1 week worth of work wear? Well, I can. Ever since Jalan Jalan Japan first opened in Malaysia way back in 2016, I have been buying nearly all my clothes here. Yes, this is a preloved store with all kinds of things from Japan, mainly clothes for ladies, men and kids, baby item, kitchenware, furniture, toys and camping gear. It has just about everything. The only thing is you need to shop with an open mind, and you need time to search for your treasure.

Last week, I was there to look mainly for clothes for office wear. Most of the clothes are in mint condition, but do take time to check every piece properly. They do have changing rooms here, so I always try it before buying it. For RM100, I managed to come out with a few looks and even two branded handbags. Check it out.

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Somehow, I got all the clothes in one colour palette. I love pastel and neutral at the moment.
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First look, a beige knit top (RM5) and a pleated green skirt (RM3). Tops are usually around RM5 - RM10 in JJJ, but bottoms can be from RM1 - RM3. Do you now see why I shop here? In fact, this particular skirt is completely new as the original tag was still attached on it.
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Then I found this lovely wrap dress and was thrilled because it fitted me perfectly and it was only RM5. You might have heard that most Japanese people are slim, therefore, there are lots of S sizes in JJJ. However, there are quite a number of L sizes clothing as well, as Japanese also love to wear lose fitting clothes.
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In fact, this 3rd outfit in baby blue was in XL sizes. The knit top and skirt is bigger but I still love it anyways, since it’s really comfortable. The top is RM5 and skirt RM3.
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I found another top that I love that matches with another green skirt. I guess I was thinking of Christmas colours while shopping.
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If you had noticed the beautiful sling bag, it is actually Forever21 but I got it at RM10. I am usually quite particular with bags and shoes, in that I only choose the ones that do not have any defect. In JJJ, there are bags in all conditions but they are still usable.
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I fell in love this this bag from Lookinn Japan. It was a little pricier at RM40 but being totally flawless, I just had to get it.
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Well, original Lookinn bags goes for over RM200 and we also can’t get it in Malaysia. In the same photo is a baby blue cardigan from Uniqlo for RM10.
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Finally, I settled for another blue shirt for RM5, there are lots and lots of such shirts in JJJ in all colours besides winter jackets and suits. Yes, I do get all my jackets whenever I have to travel. Instead of spending all my money on 1 look that cost RM100, I get 6 looks for under RM100.
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For those with boys in the house, there is a galore of Japanese toys available here. My boys are so into Beyblades recently, but we won’t get them the China fakes. So in JJJ, put another kids’ preloved toys to good use by getting the original Japanese Beyblades, they only go for about RM3 each.

Mean while, JJJ has opened more branches all across Malaysia and I am so excited that the latest one will open in Kip Mall Bangi which means that is where you will find me every weekend.

1. One City, USJ
2. 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras
3. CenterPoint Seremban, you must have children of your own and able to shoot your child in 6
outfits or more. Photos of goods on the shelf do not count.
4. M3 Mall, Gombak
5. KIP Mall, Bangi, slated to open on Saturday 28 December.
There will be a short opening ceremony, and shopping starts at 10.00 am.

Shopping preloved at JJJ is also environmental friendly, we not only save our pocket but we are reusing and recycling.

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