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Maximus Musicus Visits The MPO Orchestra

maximus musicus
Maximus Musicus is a rather peculiar little mouse and this is the story of him getting lost in the orchestra. This is one very interesting way to introduce the instruments and the background of the orchestra to the little ones.

Furthermore, Datuk Yasmin Yusoff is the story teller, how can I miss this? I practically grew up with her voice on the radio. I believe she can make any story come to life effortlessly.

The story tells of Maximus who was looking for a warm place to stay on a cold winter’s night. He went through an opened door and into the hall of the orchestra unknowingly. That was when his musical journey began.

The orchestra was conducted by the very animated Korean American Gene Chang. It included Mozart’s energetic and bustling Abduction from the Seranglio and one of Ravel’s most famous works, Bolero, originally scored as a ballet piece. Beethoven’s iconic Fifth Symphony, one of the classical music’s most famous compositions, especially due to its distinctive opening motif which has been used in popular culture around the world. We enjoyed the narration and the soundtrack played live to pictures of Maximus on screen. I could even feel the pain when Maximus broke his whiskers while playing on it like the strings of the violin. The orchestra instrumentalists provided the sound effects to the story seamlessly.

Both Datuk Yasmin and the conductor Gene involved the little ones in the audience in their performance. We stomped and clapped and played along to one performance which added to all the fun of visiting the orchestra with Maximus. The children and their parents were clearly engrossed in the story. My 9 year old date remembered every detail of the story even days after the visit to the orchestra.

For me, a visit to the orchestra is almost always a magical experience. I loved the arrangement of The Firebird by Stravinsky, that seemed to easily flow to Rossini’s Finale. This is from the very famous play entitled William Tell that we might find familiar as it was on the TV show, The Lone Ranger.

These family-themed concerts are suitable for children of 4 years and above. Families with little ones shouldn’t miss these Family Fun Days!

Check out MPO and plan your dates accordingly.

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