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Crafting with Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave

During the long school holidays, we decided to do some messy pasting craft with characters from the latest Zoomoo cartoon, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave.
Jordan chose to add some colour to Tweet. We use colourful crepe paper, which we scrunch up as litle balls and stick on the paper according to the outline.

Crafting is very important to kids. Though it’s messy but it’s really good quality time bonding with parents. Crafting also really improves social skills and team work besides showing kids how they can create things on their own. It’s amazing to see their happy faces when they see the final results.

Josiah decides to do it a different way. Instead of scrunching up the crepe paper, he decides to do a patchwork design. I don’t have to guide him much as he just remembers how Ruff-ruff looks like as he has watched the cartoon on ZooMoo Astro Ch 619 so many times. He knows exactly what each character looks like.

He was very proud indeed for getting the colours near to the original.

I did Dave together with them, now I’m not sure why Dave isn’t called Pandada or something. Aren’t they cute? It was messy but fun and definitely created some conversation between me and the boys. Be sure to catch the fun on ZooMoo Astro Ch 619, available every day at 11.05am (repeats 3:05pm, 7:05pm and 7:05am).

Camping Underwater with the Sharks!

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Wah Ha Children Products Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor for CYBEX in Malaysia and also as one of the recipients for the “Outstanding SMEs” at the recent Golden Bull Award 2017 is privileged to host the inaugural launching of CYBEX brand in Malaysia at this very day. We are honored to invite the top fashion, mainstream, popular… Continue Reading

Have you been bullied? Or have you bullied someone? Here’s why it matters!

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