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Tips To Help You Cut Costs While Wedding Planning


Weddings are not only challenging to plan and prepare for, but they’re also very expensive if you’re not careful. What will help you save money is to learn where you can cut costs and reduce spending when it comes to tackling the logistics.

You’ll thank yourself later on when you have more money for other priorities like the honeymoon or buying a house once you’re married. It’s worth hearing out the various ideas and then deciding what options you feel comfortable taking on yourself and aspects you want to adjust so that you can spend less while you plan. Most importantly, remember to have fun and take your time as you work on getting your big day in order.

Reduce the Guest List

Unfortunately, you’re going to save a lot of money if you invite fewer people to your wedding. Create an initial guest list with everyone you want to include and then go over it again with a more careful eye and start to eliminate people who you aren’t as close to. The truth is people will understand and hopefully not hold a grudge over the long-term. Talk it over with your fiancé before making any final decisions, so you’re both on the same page.

Design & Print the Invitations Yourself

Another area where you can cut costs while wedding planning is with the invitations you send out to guests. You can buy a guzebo and gazebo leg weights that way you can have a small wedding where ever you want. With the help of technology, you can now make your own wedding invitations online for free without needing any design skills. This is your chance to get creative and personalize your big event without having to take advice or input from others regarding what you should or shouldn’t do. But far too many factors like the catering, the venue, etc, come into line when planning for a single event, and so, taking help would be imminent. Oklahoma wedding venue is a massive lodge with a fireplace and all the amenities you’d expect to host your celebration. You could design the cards, but for the rest, you’d have to schedule your next party with Bronx event planners from Island Event Planners.

Choose to Serve A Buffet Dinner

A seated meal where everyone chooses their own dinner dish can get expensive and frustrating to track. Give yourself a break and save money by choosing to serve a buffet dinner instead. You’ll likely be able to include a wider variety of food options with this setting than you would if you plated the meal. You also won’t need to have as many staff members working and serving the food because guests will be able to help themselves. A rustic wedding is your best choice.


Hire Friends to Help

Consider hiring friends to fill various roles on the wedding day such as the musicians, photographer, and wedding planner. They’ll likely be honored to have been chosen by you to pitch in, and it’s likely they’ll expect less pay, if any, than if you were to hire an outside professional to assist you. It’ll also be nice to have some of your closest friends so involved in the actual wedding instead of sitting on the sidelines.


Start the wedding planning process off right by first creating a budget you can follow. Then use these tips to help you cut costs and reduce your overall spending on the event. Your wedding day will be just as beautiful and even more meaningful when you take a more hands-on approach and do some of the work yourself.

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