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Foodie Trip to Penang

When thinking of Penang we always think of the great hawker food there. Penang is where we can get the best of the best so I’m planning to head up north for a feast. How do most people travel to Penang though? If you live nearby central Malaysia, it shouldn’t be so hard to drive.… Continue Reading

Meet the First White Tiger Cubs in Sunway Lagoon

It’s halfway through the one week school holidays so why not bring the kids on an educational trip to Sunway Lagoon? The Walk & Hunt in the Wild campaign is happening now until 25 March 2018 with a host of activities lined up for you and your little ones. First of all, let’s go on… Continue Reading

Product Nation Website Review

I have been in the beauty business for sometime now with Atomy. Although my company sells daily necessities and fashion and food, people still ultimately look for us for beauty products and recommendations. I found that I need to have a vast knowledge about skin types and skin concerns. Therefore, I’m always trying to read… Continue Reading

Ways to Upgrade and Revolutionise your Living Space

With the advancement of technologies, we are reaping the benefits for our homes to live comfortably and convenience. There are some household items that has been upgraded and revolutionised from tighter security to high tech gadgets to maximize storage and ease of use. Apart from being highly functional, most of the gadgets and appliances are… Continue Reading

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