About Me Version 1

Things about Leona Lim

1) By nature, I am a quiet person. Sometimes, I hate being quiet. I wish I can be more sociable. However, when in gatherings of many, many people I become anti-social.

2) I can have pretty low self esteem. Therefore, I need much reassurance.

3) I frequently reassure myself through constantly seeking God’s approval in my life.

4) I believe in Jesus that He died for my sins, that He will return to judge the living and the dead.

5) I believe one day I will live in Heaven and meet many people I’ve known on Earth.

6) I have 3 other siblings, all sisters, whom I love. We hardly get to meet as I live away from home.

7) I am originally from Kuching Sarawak. I now reside in Kajang for education reasons. Should I graduate, I do intend to leave everything I have here to settle down in Kuching.

8) I love Kuching very very much. I am still a true Sarawakian.

9) I have multiple email accounts, so many that I think I’ve lost of track of them. I signed up for nearly every email account, not so that I can use them, but more so for try outs and testing reasons. My primary now is with Gmail.

10) I have many talents but master of none. I play the keyboard, piano, a wee bit of guitar, I sing, I can draw, I can do multimedia presentations. That said, I am not awesomely good in any of it!

11) I work full time in a church. I am not a pastor nor a religious leader, but I do mostly computer and web related work in church.

12) I have terrible self discipline. That said, it is amazing that I am doing self study for my Masters, although extra slowly.

13) I am studying for my Masters Degree, and possibly aim for a Phd in the future. I do not like studying, so shoot me.

14) I am addicted to the Internet. I will die possibly if I cannot go online.

15) I love blogging with pictures. I wish and wish for a new Digital Cam like the Panasonic FZ3.

16) Although I like taking pictures, I do not like to go close to my subject. I love zoom lenses.

17) I own a Sony Ericsson phone, had always used Nokia before.

18) I have many gadgets like PDA, Mp3 player, scanner etc.

19) I seldom watch TV. I love TVs, don’t get me wrong. But my packe schedule makes it impossible,

20) I enjoy swimming but I seldom do it.

21) I have a 1st Dan black belt in Taekwon-do which I worked for 4 years to earn.

22) I had represented my state in a National level Taekwon-do championship, through which I won the bronze in sparring and the silver in pattern.

23) I used to play the organ for crowds in shopping malls when I was much younger.

24) I love music, can’t live without it.

24) I do get irritated by irritating people.

25) I have a boyfriend of many years. – Now my husband…

26) I was ready for marriage! I do not know why, I love my singlehood. -But now I am!

27) I am particularly neat and clean.

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