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Ever since I changed my phone to Huawei that uses USB-C port for earphones, I had been on the lookout for Wireless Earphones. The reason being, it’s quite a fuss to bring my one and only USB-C earphones and even the USB-C extension. Even as I type this, I already couldn’t find the extension, so if I lose the earphones as well, that’s it. I also always wanted to be able to move around freely doing my chores whilst listening to music. Prior to this, I just blast my spotify playlist and force everyone around the house to listen to my music. So, when I saw the Sudio NIVÅ on sudio.com/my it was just, love at first sight. The design form and the price tag were both winning points for me.

I got the White Sudio NIVÅ comes in a hard case, so it will make gifting really convenient. Overall, the packaging looks very premium and for a limited time, it even comes with 4 Swedish Design Coasters coasters. The coasters are made of cork, great to be used with cold glasses of drinks.
Consider them great for flat lay too. Now, let’s zoom in on the NIVÅ. Some specs that might interest you.

Sudio NIVÅ earphone features 3.5 hours of battery life in one use. It comes with a simple yet fashionable portable charging case that looks like my Cushion Foundation. There’s even a leather brown string, in case I want to tie it to anything. This case can take an additional 4 charges – bringing total play time to a whopping 17.5 hours of battery life. That in itself is more than enough for me. In fact, having used it in the last few weeks, I found that I can last a whole week with one charge. So battery life here is really not an issue. I like how simple it is to use and charge.

The charge case uses the old style USB 2.0 but that is actually great because I tend to have a lot of these cables lying around. There is a blue light indicator on the case that let’s me know when it is fully charged, and when it is getting used up. These lights only turn on when the earphones are placed into the case for a charge, or when it is plugged in to be charged via USB.

The earphones come in black, white, blue and pink. The white one spots a round rose gold trimming. I just love anything rose gold. The earbuds are grey, and they do give a few sizes. I always use the standard size ones. It’s an in-ear type of earphones, therefore, it pretty much blocks out all the sounds if you’re blasting your songs with these. Due to it being so small and hidden, I did end up being scolded by my colleagues who were talking to me and thought I ignored them! Just put the music softer next time! I love how it’s easy to identify the left and right side of the earphones according to the case. With a magnet inside, the right earphone won’t be able to go inside the left charger, and vice versa. I have to put it in correctly, so when I remove it, I know exactly well which side they are for. They turn on easily by just pressing the rose gold buttons, ah they are not just for design, they are actually working buttons.

Pairing is too easy with any device. However, if it is already paired with one device, and you want to pair it with another, the first devide need to ‘forget the pairing’ first. Just merely turning off bluetooth doesn’t work as once I turn on the earphones, it will automatically pair with the last device. Therefore, I don’t really use it with other devices, just only with my phone. Guess what, it does have built in mic too and the mic is really clear. Initially, I was doubtly since it sits so far from my mouth, can it really catch the sound? Well, it did, I actually recorded myself whispering and it picks up quite alright.

I love it, Sudio NIVÅ makes life easier for me! I tend to be too busy to read books nowadays, so now I rather listen to Audio books. However, with a wired earphone, it’s such a fuss, I don’t really like to take my phone here and there. With wireless earphones, I can leave my phone on the table and walk around the office and house without having to pause my book! However, the connection will start to break if I walk too far away. Maybe not more than 10m? Overall, it’s worth to get the Sudio Niva and for a limited time, use my code LEONALIM to get 15% off and that makes it only rm361.25! Only at www.sudio.com/my



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