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Have you always wanted to shop on Taobao (Direct from China products) but just don’t know how to read Chinese? I know, for years I only know how to look at the products I want but I had no idea how to go about shopping on it or if I would make a mistake as I couldn’t read the instructions. Until recently, I found out about that is basically a site that translates what’s available on Taobao into English for people like us. I had shopped on it one time, and although I had some confusion at first, it was settled by the end. It is not really like other conventional shopping sites that is local. The good thing however, is the products are just dirt cheap. I bought dresses around RM15 each.

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ezbuy sells just about everything in the world. You can import everything from China if you want. Shipping is relatively cheap as it is shipped from China. Just remember to calculate properly. There are usually three types of fee to pay for. You will be payinfg for Product costs + China domestic shipping fee + international shipping fee + insurance (optional) + Malaysia delivery fee (optional). Basically, you have to make 2 payments after buying something.

There are two payments for every purchase:

1st Payment = Product Payment = Product costs + China domestic shipping fee (shipping from seller to the warehouse). This is paid when you check out at the shopping cart.

2nd Payment = Service Payment = International shipping fee + agent fee + insurance(optional) + Malaysia delivery fee(optional) which is paid when your parcel arrives in GuangZhou Warehouse.

However, when I shopped for small things like clothes, I didn’t pay for the 2nd payment as it was free shipping and free agent fee at the time. I also opt for my products to be picked up at Mcdonald’s Delivery so I saved on the insurance and the Malaysia delivery fee. Also, choose China Economy Air for the lowest shipping that is only RM4.50/500g. The ezbuy van stops by Mcdonald’s that you chose every Mon, Wed and Fri at specified times stated on the website. For me in Kajang, it is on those days at 12.00pm – 12.20pm. The last time I waited there, there were many people collecting their stuffs from the van too. Shows how booming the business of importing from China is. The important thing is we must be early to get there as the van waits for no one. We have to give some leeway though for some traffic issues. The first time I was collecting my item, the van was late due to some congestion and van issue so I kept calling the hotline. Well, it was my first time shopping on ezbuy so I had no idea what the van looked like or where they would stop. I can now tell you though that is quite hard to miss as it’s a rather big truck and many people will rush there to take their packages.

If you are buying a lot of heavy things, it is best to sign up for PRIME shipping as it will be a flat rate of RM8.80 for whatever heavy things you ship. However, there is a fee of RM188.00 per year. So, this is great for people who really buy a lot. Your shipping fee won’t be based on every 500g so you can save a lot.

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As for me, I guess I am always just buying dresses! Dresses for under RM10, only available on ezbuy ok. Just remember, don’t expect it to be too high quality if you are paying a low low price.

What are some of the bestsellers on ezbuy? If I am shopping today, these are some things that I really really want to get!

Sesame Street iPhone7/7 plus cases! How cute! They are only RM18.54 super cheap ya.

Compatible Star Wars Lego! Ok, this is not real Lego but it is only RM89.40! My kids are gonna go crazy if I get this today. I don’t know how many days it would take to finish putting this together.

This LED Clip On Selfie Ring is super popular amongst us girls. I went to an event an one of the bloggers has this, and every one started taking it and taking selfies as it just makes our photos brighter and better! Only RM 

ezbuy always have some super coupons and codes to save you money! Use this code below especially for my readers:

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