Disney Junior’s Animate Your Imagination

Do you have kids 2-7 years old that are forever telling you tall crazy tales about everything under the sun? If so, this contest is made just for you, and it’s a great time to spend with your kids during this one week left of school holidays. I just received this amazing art pack yesterday to assist Josiah and Jordan in their imagination journey!

Do you know that Disney Junior is having a contest to animate your child’s imagination? Basically, all you have to do is get your child to create a fantastical story about anything within the theme of Princesses, Pirates or Space Adventure, and submit your story to Disney Junior  and the top 3 magical stories will be made into an animation and shown on Disney Junior, how fancy is that?

Josiah who is 7 this year, likes nothing more than art, so he was really excited when I gave him the art set and immediately started drawing up as story based on his choice, Pirates.

I let him decide totally how to draw and write the story that he has in mind. Josiah watches Disney Junior a lot and Captain Jack and The Neverland Pirates is his absolute favourite animation, so his drawing is heavily influenced by that for sure.

This is his final work and his story goes like this:
Captain Josiah’s Treasure Tale
1) This is Captain Josiah’s ship.
2) Ahoy there mateys! Wanna go on a treasure hunt with me?
3) Alritey then! Let’s go!
4) This be me first matey Jordan, me parrot.
5) We found an X marks the spot. Well, we should dig it up now.
6) It’s time to head back to the ship.
7) This be the treasure chest. Let’s open it!
8) And it be GOLD!

Well, let’s hope he earned a place in the contest which must be submitted by June 12. So hurry and submit yours for your imaginative child too.

Jordan aged 4, had a go at it too at home. He decided to use mostly markers and drew a space adventure story!

Jordan started getting into arts recently, and his fav colour is green which he will always use in all his artwork.
This is Jordan’s final artwork. To help Disney Junior to animate the story, it is good to be able to submit a picture or even a video of your child narrating the story, or write it down in detail in the submission form.
Jordan’s story says that this is a space rocket that is flying through space and then it was attacked by many green aliens with lots of arms. The rocket flew and knocked into the big aliens and they crashed and broke into pieces. So the rocket can now fly home to the planet it was going safely.

Well, stay tuned to Disney Junior on Astro Channel 613 to find out if your little one’s story made it, and also keep update on https://www.facebook.com/DisneyJuniorAsia/ 

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