How to Cook Perfectly ‘Poached’ Eggs Without Fire

Recently, I decided that I wanted to eat eggs daily for breakfast at work rather than any wheat filled food. However, I usually do not have even 6 min at home to boil my eggs and I do not have any stove at my work place. So what do I do in times of need? Cook ‘’poached’ eggs, or some people call this 3/4 boiled eggs, without nothing but hot water and an air tight container. It is perfect when the egg whites are white but the york is still runny.


Believe it or not, there are people that do not think this way could cook the eggs, but it does work.

1) Just put the egg in a small container and pour really hot, preferably boiling water to cover it up. I just water from our office water dispenser.


2) Cover it and let it sit for at least 10 min or more. It has to be airtight that also doesn’t pop open as the hot water evaporates. While waiting, munch one green apple.


3) Break the egg shell and serve immediately.


4) It may also be served on toast, extremely yummy.

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