Baby Naps

As Josiah entered 15 months, he might soon give up his morning naps. At the moment, he sleeps at nights from 8.30pm to 7am plus, and takes his morning naps at around 11am, for 1 to 2 hours, and then another afternoon nap at around 4pm for another hour. Basically, he can stay awake for a max of about 4 hours before needing a nap. However, according to Babycenter’s Baby development milestones, toddlers normally give up their first morning nap around 16-18 months and only take one long nap a day. That means anytime soon for Josiah, wow I’m gonna miss him having his naps! I actually nap with him on weekends, it’s really great to be able to take this much needed rest. If he stops napping, means a change in my schedule once again, and being more tired definitely running after an active toddler. At the same time, it’d mean we can spend more time going out and doing things together. This might prove to be an exciting stage after all. Well, I do hope Josiah can still take his naps easily without putting up a fight, after all, he’s a baby that likes his sleep a lot.

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3 Responses to Baby Naps

  1. Hi Leona, my boy is almost 15 months old too. He dropped his morning nap around 12-13 months old and is now taking a 2-2.5 hours nap in the afternoon. This time is very precious for me to catch a rest or clear some work. Hope Josiah will adjust well to his new nap timings. 🙂

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